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Many gentlemen, once they reach retirement miss the stimulation of conversation and the company of fellow workers, not to mention the frequent cups of tea or coffee. The Probus Club of Skegness came into existence in 1974 to provide a thought- provoking meeting point for gentlemen who had retired from a business or profession. Here, they can meet people with the same interests, make new friends and learn from others in similar circumstances. Probus members have wide- ranging backgrounds (engineering, education, the civil service, local government, general management, farming, military, and other professions). Many members are also involved in a variety of other community activities. The Club meetings provide an opportunity to socialise over a cup of tea or coffee for an hour, followed by a further hour when they will be entertained by speakers on a wide variety of subjects. The Committee occasionally organise events such as trips to places of interest, to which partners and friends are invited. New members are welcome at all times. Please contact us for a free taster. We meet on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month. See the programme for dates. The club has a current annual subscription of £25.00
The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Come along and get to know us
The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness can be contacted via the Secretary, Mike Adams email: to avoid spam mailing this address is not a direct link: copy the address into your email ‘To’ bar
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